About Us

Outdoor gear store – Gangleri Outfitters, will help you to enjoy Iceland to the fullest!

Gangleri Outfitters was established in 2013. The main idea during our first years was to become an outfitter offering biggest selection of rental outdoor gear. By 2016 we can proudly call ourselves the experts in outdoor equipment rent. Gangleri Outfitters has biggest selection of rental gear in Iceland. We can provide gear for car campers, hikers and mountaineers.
During the recent year we grew as a retailer. Even though our outdoor gear shop is the smallest and youngest in Reykjavik, and most probably in Iceland, you´ll be surprised by the selection of goods we can offer.

The name Gangleri derives from old Icelandic literature, the Edda of Snorri Sturluson, which was a instructional guide for poets and an introduction to Norse mythology. Gangleri means wanderer or wayweary or just simply someone who walks.

We are not just any outdoor equipment rent and retail shop but a provider of a high quality service to all our customers and focus on their needs for pleasant experience of traveling in Iceland. From our experience we know that purchasing complete outdoor gear is expensive.  That is why we offer not only competitive retail prices but also rental services.


Fiskislóð 31
101 Reykjavík

outfitters at outfitters.is
+354 583 2222


Monday - Friday: 11:00-18:00
Saturday: 11:00-17:00
Sunday: CLOSED