Rental Terms & Conditions

  1. You, the credit card owner, hereafter referred to as Renter, by using your credit card to pay for our services verify that you accept the following terms and conditions.  Furthermore you, Renter,  verify that you are renting the items described in the online invoice from Ísim ehf. (ID number: 650108-2800), Gangleri Outfitters, hereafter referred to as Lessor.
  2. Rental period – Rental period is calculated in nights between the start date and the end date. Pickup and return of the equipment shall take place at Gangleri Outfitters store, located in Fiskislóð 31, Reykjavík, during opening hours.  If Renter fails to pick up the equipment during the opening hours of the start date or returns the equipment earlier than agreed upon, the rental fee for the whole rental period is charged.  The rental period ends on the end date at closing hours of Gangleri Outfitters store unless otherwise agreed upon.
    If Renter will not be able to return rented equipment on time Renter shall notify Lessor as soon as practicable by email ( or by phone (tel: +354 583 2222) during Gangleri Outfitters store opening hours and negotiate an extended rental period.  Such an agreement is only valid when Renter receives an email reply or text message to the mobile phone from Gangleri Outfitters confirming the extended rental period.  If no agreement of extended rental has been reached, or Renter fails to inform Lessor about delay of return, 50% extra fee will be charged for every extra night following the end date of the rental agreement. If three nights have passed since original rental period ended and no agreement on extended rental has been reached, Lessor reserves the right to charge full Retail Value of Equipment as stated in the agreement from Renters credit card.
  3. Booking Cancellation – For online bookings a full refund excluding transaction fees is given if cancellation is received two weeks or more before the scheduled rental date.  If cancelled 7-13 days prior to scheduled rental date, a 75% refund is given.  If cancelled 3-6 days prior to scheduled rental date, a 50% refund is given. If cancelled less than 3 days before the scheduled rental date, no refund is given.
  4. Deposit – On pickup, Lessor takes Renters credit card imprint as an insurance against loss or damage to the equipment.  Without this information Lessor will not deliver the equipment to the Renter.  The deposit amount is equal to the retail value of the equipment. Renter gives Lessor permission to charge Renters credit card to cover any damage, late return fees, or loss of the equipment up to the full deposit amount. Until Renter has returned the rented equipment Renter takes full responsibility for any damage, loss or theft of the equipment.
  5. Condition and DamageRenter is obligated to return rented equipment in the same condition as delivered by the Lessor, save for normal wear during the rental period.  Renter is responsible for the rented equipment at all times between pickup and return.  If equipment is damaged while in Renters possession Renter shall notify Lessor as soon as possible by email or phone, so necessary arrangements can be made for following customers.  If rented equipment is damaged, destroyed or lost while in Renters possession Lessor reserves the right to charge compensation for repair or replacement to Renters credit card.  Excessive dirt, mildew, fabric rips, tears, broken or bent poles or other breakage, are considered damage and are subject to repair or replacement costs.  When equipment is returned Lessor inspects the equipment to determine whether it’s in acceptable condition. Lessor reserves the right to determine whether rented equipment is in acceptable condition upon return and also to determine the cost of repair or replacement.
  6. DisclaimerLessor , will not be liable for any personal injury,  loss of or damage to goods arising out of the rent or use of its equipment or service nor will Lessor accept any responsibility for delays or changes to your rental period due to force majeure (examples: weather, volcanic eruptions, strikes, war, terrorism or other causes beyond Lessor reasonable control). Any disputes that might arise are subject to Icelandic law and jurisdiction.  Personal information provided by the Renter, including credit card information, will not be shared with any third party unless so ordered by a court ruling. Prices on our homepage may change without notice.  These terms and conditions may change without notice. 


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